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Extending the houses is a thought that often crosses the minds of its owners in West London. Now, there are a variety of uncommon ideas to choose from for the purpose, but when it comes to material, people do not think around much. However, there are plenty of options to choose from in the area of materials. A good company for house extensions in West London will help you to guide you through the choice of materials.

Here are some of those materials.

Dark Metal

Most people think about the routine bricks for extension purposes, however, dark metal can also be used for the task. This option is also durable and provides a stylish framing option for the extension. Besides it makes an altogether different appeal than the entire house.


Glass nowadays is considered to be one of the most popular choices for the purpose of the extension. This has happened because of the delivery of great designing ideas and the production of durable glass material. Glass extensions will provide access to overwhelming amounts of sunlight and can make the inner portions of the home feel connected with the external natural environment.


Next in the list is the most organic material, that is, timber. Timber can be cut across and painted in fine and designer polishes. Frames made out of timber for house extension accompanied by excellent glass work and lighting ideas make up for extraordinary looking house extensions. These designs can be used for guest meeting places, private studies, and small home offices.


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